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Ed Redd Serving the citizens of Utah Legislative House District 4, Logan, Utah


I feel that my life experiences and desire to give back to my community have prepared me to serve in the Utah House of Representatives.  The reponsibility of representing the interests of Logan and Cache County in the State Legislature is challenging and very humbling.  I very much appreciate the trust that you have placed in me an I will continue to do my best .


I believe in:


Limited but Effective Government. I support limited but effective government that is capable of preserving the rights of all citizens to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. (more)  

Public Education. The opportunity for all children to

be educated, regardless of their social or economic backgrounds or disabilities, is one of the pillars maintaining our freedoms in this country. (more)  

Private Enterprise, Business, and Economic Growth. Government is not the source of prosperity in our country and generally is incapable of directly improving the economy or creating self-sustaining jobs. (more)  

Laws and Regulations.Laws and regulations are created to prevent individuals and organizations from infringing on the rights of others to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. (more)  

Social Services. Social services are important in preventing poor health outcomes, hunger, malnutrition, homelessness and general human suffering in people who may be disadvantaged due to numerous different problems. (more)


Healthcare. Healthcare has an inherent value; it is not free. (more)

As your representative I will continue to:


  • Learn as much as I can from my constituents


  • Do my best to respond to the concerns of the people from my district  


  • Interface with and seek feedback from local and county government agencies, school districts, and our colleges and universities


  • Use science and cost-benefit data whenever possible to analyze problems and develop good, sound solutions


  • Preserve personal liberties while protecting the public from irresponsible and illegal acts of others


I will NOT seek or accept donations from outside special interest groups.


I will NOT infringe on authority of locally-elected officials.


I will NOT choose ‘politics’ over people.